Saturday, 10 September 2011

Justin bieber at the MTV video movie awards 2011

A few weeks late mind, the MTV Video Music Awards are a date on the calendar I always look forward to with admiration and excitement, where ever I am its always a fun night. This year was no different. Selena Gomez looked stunning in her black gothic Julien MacDonald dress as she opened up the pre-show which lead on to Gaga’s memorable opening, which I do not have much to say about except I respect her as a true artist. To be quite honest non of the dresses really made a great impact on me. Apart from Nicki Minaj who just aggravated me. It was only Justin Bieber’s original ensemble that I was able to appreciate, the whole thing just works for me…especially the glasses, however the snake was unneeded! I’d like to hear your views as I think this one you either loved or hated.


FBegumStar said...

I think it's a great outfit! Justin did well, he looks amazing! :) x

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

I think he looks fantastic but wow, the first thing I noticed is how GROWN UP he looks, as well!

AngelaQ said...

I really liked this year VMA, nicki was a bit over the top. xx