Saturday, 5 November 2011

Coat research

As its safe the say the summer has swiftly been and gone, I found myself searching for and then finally purchasing a coat to help me out I did a bit of research around the high street and I thought you would all be interested:

fur coats

ASOS Faux Fox Fur Coat £56BB Dakota Braden Faux Fur Coat $138, ASOS Hooded Fur Coat £90, TOPSHOP Premium Faux Fur Panel Coat £110

parka coats

Plastic Island Caged Canary Park $198, ASOS Oversized Quilted Lining Parka £75, Miss Selfridge Borg Hooded Parka £85, G-Star Super Parka £179,

trench coats

Maison Scotch Belted Military Trench Coat £117, BURBERRY LONDON £750, Paul & Joe Beige Trench Coat £96, Emilio Pucci £3,515. 
Sorry I have been away again. However this time I have a reasonable excuse… not only am I back on a role with university lectures back in Nottingham, but unfortunately my house was burgled a couple of weeks ago and my laptop was stolen as well as my Michael Kors watch. After lots of hassle with the insurance companies I received my sexy new laptop yesterday and should be expecting the money to re buy my watch in the next week, so not all bad just a bit of a bump on the road. Adele.


Anonymous said...

I'm dreaming of a parka!

Sephira said...

Im loving the black asos fur coat and the paul and joe one! So cute :D

xx Seph

ps. im hosting a give-away atm come by :D

emily said...

great selection of coats, i really love that BB Dakota fur coat!

claire (jazzpad.) said...

I think the only option in this predicament is to have all three versions of coat ;) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

Celia said...

Ah sorry you got burgled, so awful :( But yay for a shiny new laptop & watch! Love the ASOS parka, such a gorgeous colour x

Neekoh said...

Every girls needs one of each type. I personally opt for leather jackets most of the time, but fur coats are my favorite way to glam things up.


Thea said...

Hi! Nice blog and nice pics. It seems different from the usual ones!

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Danielle said...

I love love love the black fur coat and all of the parkas, I need to buy myself a coat, they are just all so expensive!

Hen said...

Oooh I like the second fur coat!
Great post :)
Teenage Daydreams X