Sunday, 18 April 2010

Back to University…

click the photo to get a closer look at my board :)

I believe that you can tell a lot about a person from their bedroom, so as I returned back to Nottingham yesterday (Nottingham is where I study, its about an hour from my family home) and once I had unpacked I thought I would share with you my Nottingham bedroom. I love this room, and unfortunately I will be moving out in June as I have a placement year in Italy. Which reminds me, I just wondered if any of you have ever visited Cassino in Italy… As that is where I will be spending my year and I know nothing about it! So if any of you could give me any information about Cassino I would really appreciate it!

I don’t think I will have much time to do many fashion posts, exams start next month and my Mother and Boyfriend are clamping down on my online shopping addiction… I’m not a rich student. My parents are averagely working class and I have a minimum wage job so I end up buying fake designer items all the time. I bought a replica Balenciaga Part-Time bag for £150 and I love it! (Don’t judge!) Its real leather and I am so happy with it! I will post a photo soon so you lot can judge for yourself. 
How do you lot feel about expensive good quality replicas for people who are unable to afford the originals? Anybody else invested?
I’ve just ordered Replica Miu Miu Satin Black Platform slingbacks as seen on I paid £140 for them. I will post about them when they arrive. Thanks for your comments everyone!


emily viveur said...

i like your room, very simple and warm. soo jealous, i want those miu miu platforms.
(and yes your comment box is working now!)

beeble said...

i look forward to seeing your new shoes! i approve dearly of your calender and screen saver (: what are you doing for your placement? x

Clare said...

Those are the shoes I want! Where did you get them from pray tell?

Your room is lovely by the way, as is Nottingham mostly.

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Luxi said...

I didn't know fashiontoast's miu miu's were replica's!
I did wonder why she wouldn't have gotten them in one of the famous prints...she calls them miu miu though!
Personally I don't buy replica's unless it's realli trashy chanel or something. I wouldn't invest in one mainly because I am broke to invest in anything though! Your room is SUPER clean, I'm jelous!
I have a new moon calender, we are both so very cool :)


Berlin said...

Thanks for becoming one of my lovely followers =) And hey, IKEA bed! Call me weird bu I like the notice board. Have a mad fashion post on my blog, do check it out during your free time.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

Cocò said...

I like your room, it' so funny ;D!
Thank u 4 your sweet comment darling! Xoxo

Karoline said...

Love your scrap-board! I'm going to check out the movie you mentioned, thanks a lot:)

Nicole Jarecz said...

thanks for following :) my shirt ships anywhere. if you get it , I would love to see you post it on your blog! xxx nicole

LA said...

Cute bedroom, wow.. if you had seen my room when i was studying out from home... :s hahaha


Patricia Snook said...

*Hello* Bridport is in Dorset, about 50 minutes from Exeter if that makes any sense. Oh my gosh, I used to love driving up from Birmingham to Nottingham Rock City!

Phowr, I love your room, you're so streamlined and clean. I lived with my boyf and awesome old friends at uni and most of the time you couldn't ever see my floor. Actually I'm still like that! There's a creative genius in there somewhere!


Chiara L said...

Thank you for the comment, if you want you can follow me here on Twitter!

Thank you!

Clare said...

Ha, oh wow! Another Trent blogger - this is exciting! I wonder if I will spot you around. I am in my first year now, so I am always around and about.
I'm looking forward to seeing what those miu miu replicas are like - they are such a beautiful shape. You must show them off as soon as you get them!
Clare x

Tuxy said...

hi¡¡¡¡ i really like your blog I´m follower¡¡ this is a AMAZING room.



Anonymous said...

Oh man, I wish I knew something about Cassino, or anywhere in Italy :)

I am all for buying replicas! $600 for shoes is kinda ridiculous (when you can't afford them anyway).


Margaret said...

your room looks so cool :O
i love your inspiration board above your desk!!
and aaah - i'm so excited to see these shoes you've ordered :) xx

Cadie said...

good luck at uni hope its not to stressful(ha yea right)

I love replicas or copies there so much better because then when you get bored of wearing it or them it hasn't costed you 100s of dollars!

Chiara said...

Thank you so much Adele!
There's nothing wrong buying a fake if you can't have the original one!


Victoire said...

this room is so snug and spacy! What are you actually studying atm? And what were you studying before? just curious since I'm making uni plans right now


Anonymous said...

I love your room!! Thanks for your comment on my oage.

I am now a new follower of yours.

Follow me?

Jazzabelle said...

thank-you for your comment! your room is lovely, very simplistic and cosy. i get my fonts from :)

love, jazzabelle. x

ediot said...

such an cute room. i LOVE the floors. haha strange but true.

xx ediot

bollywoodstylediaries said...

very tastefully done - it looks so warm and welcoming:-)


Kb said...

Wow I love this room, I'm going back to Trent in Sept and haven't even found anywhere to live yet! Is yours up for grabs? Joking...maybe.

Maddy said...

Nice bedroom...neat & clean, just how I like them :) Do you live in student housing or in your own flat? My college dorm room never looked this good when I was a student. I personally don't like to shop for replicas anymore (though I use to when I was younger). Though I can't always afford it, I try to save up until I can buy the real thing. But since the real thing is way more expensive, I make sure I'm completely in love (and will want it for a looooong time) before I buy anything :)

Anonymous said...

I love your room.You have got very beautiful blog!!You are welcome my blog anytimes!:)

RoseBarbie said...

Your room is amazing...I love it :)

Also, I end up buying fake designer stuff too all the time, so I feel ya girl :)

I am now following you, follow me too?? :)


RoseBarbie said...

hey, sure I can help you...just lemme know what you need help with and I will help u with tht...u can just directly email email address should be on my blog profile :)

Claire said...

Of course I'm happy to swap links! Thankyou for all of the lovely comments! My boyfriend lives in Birmingham so I know it pretty well too :) I've added you to my blogroll so it would be so fab if you'd do the same. Keep writing girlie! ♥

P.S. MEGA jealous about your uni room, mine in comparison is a pokey little hole haha!



it's like luxury!! so majorly jealous!


umbrella-in-the-sun said...

oh ! can't believe how lovely your uni room is.. I wouldn't want to leave either

love your blog

C, x