Tuesday, 31 August 2010

blogger interview – becca @ fashion train

What inspired you to start fashion blogging?
My Uncle moved away to New Zealand, and started a blog to show us what New Zealand was like and i've always loved fashion and none of my friends were interested in it as much as I was so I started a blog about a year and three months ago!
How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is a mixture really - girly/bohemian/vintage I can't resist a floral dress and embellished headband!
What is your favourite highstreet store and which do you dislike the most and why?
My favourite would have to be H&M it's such good pricing and whenever I go in I buy a couple of things! And the items last for years, what more do you need from a high street store? My least favourite would be Primark, everyone looks the same and when you go inside it feels like a sweatshop and i've heard the prices are increasing a lot in there too!
What's your favourite item of clothing for A/W 10?
Khaki Shorts! I really love them and they look great with lace tights, plain tights and even bare legs when it's a nice day outside!
How do you feel about replica items for those who can’t afford or refuse to pay?
I think they are a good idea when they are priced reasonably and are made from good material! There's nothing worse than seeing a really nice jacket which is a replica from a catwalk but made with poor material and turns out see through!
How do you feel about shopping online? 
I love it - suppose you could say i'm an online shopping addict really. I love a lot of online stores (missguided, linzi shoes, asos & my1st wish) I really like how you can buy the exact item sold in somewhere like Topshop for £30 cheaper!
What are your aspirations for life? (Work wise)
I would love to be a fashion journalist, but I like the idea of a fashion stylist too!


Becca. said...

thankyou adele, i love ittt!


Bohemian said...

Very nice interview!

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i love Becca!

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Gorgeous interview!!=)




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Great post! Becca does have great style!

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Love beccas style sooo much!

She has amazing clothes!

Char x

Laura said...

Great little interview and interesting questions! I love finding out about why people started their blogs x

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She sounds like a sweet girl, and she looks so young as well!


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she's so lovely. nice interview adele

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thank you soo much for stoping by u look amazing :)

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Wow, I just saw three headers on your blog. They all look nice.

Becca is adorable

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This girl is so adorable! I love that white dress in the first collage!

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i discovered her blog a couple weeks ago, i love her too, she's gorgeous!

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cool interview!

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nice interview like it.
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Fab interview, my dear! She's so fabulous and such a sweetheart.
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What wonderful style =)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time at my blog.

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Filipa said...

Oh what a great interview and awesome tips for online shopping! I'm just checking them now, thank you!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

So enjoyed reading more about you and getting better aquainted with your personality. Hope you are well and bouncing;-)

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great interview!she's fab ;) xx,barbiejunk

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