Saturday, 16 July 2011


I know I have just returned from a year in Italy, but this week I am leaving for Spain for one month. I don’t think I will be able to get much blogging done due to being busy and lack of internet but I will be updated my tumblr and my twitter regularly… I love to follow you all on tumblr and twitter so if you could all leave your addresses and usernames ill get following <3 Adios amigos! – tumblr – twitter


Jen said...

twitter - @jennieelgie
tumblr - londongems

following you! xxx

Rachel said...

twitter - @makingmewonder

tumblr - missrachelphipps

sophie said...

tumblr :


bigeddie said...

I'll follow you on tumbler as soon as I get one ;~)

COMEEE BACK to blogging soon please.
Enjoy spain sweetie <3

Love claire xox

Madison's Assortment said...

I follow your Tumblr/Twitter
Mine are @MadisonFiorenza

Maria said...

I am @frillsnspills and!

Maria xxx

Sephira said...

twitter: @LeahSephira
tumblr: sugarcoateddoll

Georgie Lowen said...

Following your Tumblr. now, would love for you to follow mine!


SabinePsynopsis said...

Enjoy, Adele!

Sadly I'm not using tumblr, and I think we are following us on twitter already (sabinepsynopsis).


Krystal said...

your life sounds so exciting, haha :) @okvillage !

julianne. said...

oh im very excited to follow your tumblr!
im so addicted to mine!