Thursday, 22 July 2010

giveaway alert!

As I am away on holiday for 2 weeks in Sicily I thought I would hold another giveaway while I am gone then choose the winner when I return!

This time there will be 2 winners… the first prize will be this beautiful Tandem Ring courtesy of DOLLYBIRD DESIGN etsy store, a small independent business with all items being handmade by the very talented Katie Johansson out of her studio located in Chicago, Il. This beautiful unique ring which Katies sells for $75.00 USD in her store is hand formed, soldered and buffed- 18kt Gold Vermeil with Sterling chain. SEE IT LISTED HERE

And the second is this Wise Owl Silver Antique Style Watch Necklace, this item is courtesy of BEADIX, a little accessories shop where you'll find an interesting mix of vintage and modern style jewels and accessories.
An entry for each new of the following you do:
Good Luck!
Open Worldwide


Anonymous said...

Already following on FB, Twitter, Lookbook and Bloglovin.

Just followed you on Formspring.

Have a good holiday! Will miss your posts whilst you're gone

- Louise


Charly said...

Already following on blogger, and didn't realise you had all the others! Am following on all I am members of which is: facebook, formspring, bloglovin.

My fav on Dollybird is the tandem ring(I have wanted one like this foreeever!), but i guess that doesnt prove I visted them hehe so my second fave is the lil gold rush ring, and at Beadix the Tree of Life Necklace.

Keen or what!


Giulia Pergolati said...

I follow you on every single thing you wrote! ahah I'd love to win one of those gift! Expecially the first one :D


Mat said...

great prizes, i won't enter this time cos you know, what are the chances of thing again! love the ring

Heather Yarnell said...

Followin' ya on Twitter, Bloglovin', Facebook, Chictopia and Chicisimo.

Wow, hard to pick favorites. Great stuff @ both places.

Since I love owls, gotta go with the Night Owl Watch @ Beadix. And the Tandem Ring mentioned above is a really cool piece. That's my pick @ DollyBirdDesign.

Bennet said...

i already follow you on facebook, and you seem to have two different URLs on bloglovin' - i was already following one, but followed the second one just in case :) i've also started followed you on chictopia.

my favourite items:
for dollybird designs this AMAZING ring (i have a thing for rings):
it's absolutely gorgeous. i'm imagining it on my finger right now, while wearing high waisted shorts, and a man's shirt (tucked in).

for beadix its got to be this camera necklace:
its so quirky, and would go with other necklaces i own which are quite similar - a pair of scissors and a little jar.

have a great holiday!
bennet x

lily mcleod said...

amaing ring! I love it so much. brilliant giaway. have a great time on holiday.

I follow your blog, your twitter, on bloglovin' and your formspring.


Laura Tenshi said...

Thank you for voting. Nice items for the giveaway, I like the owl necklace.
Enjoy your hoilday

WeShop said...

Please enter me for the ring - I've never seen a design like that before and I love it! I'm following you on Bloglovin and on Twitter. xx

Clara said...

wow! lovely pics
your blog is great!

ediot said...

hi sweetie

love that double ring. so divine. off to see the shop now! im following you on bloglovin and twitter.
hope youre having a great time away. im gonna update myself on your blog now.
how fun that you too work at a pharmacy! is it a full time job for you? or just something you do summertime(like me)
last week's been so EXxxhausting -the whole pharmacy is getting renewed-and lot of new things that has to be done-as well as new theories and now im allowed to mix medicine too. its exiting. but as i said exhausting. will be working double shifts next week..
so little sleep so much to do.. cant wait for two weeks to pass by- and ill be finished for summer. and have myself a mighty fine salary ;)
norwegian money is more worth than swedish and the salary-pay is WAY better in norway
cant wait for your next update darling!
happy sUMMER!

ediot said...

where are you on holiday-cant seem to see where youre going, have a great time darling!zxxx

Krystal said...

wow, that ring is so so cool! i've not seen anything like it!

Fear is a Dirty Word said...

Became a facebook fan :)

Clare said...

OH I totally a FB fan! WOOOOTTTT!!!!!

S.Elisabeth said...

Ah gorgeous giveaways!! That owl ring is lovely.

Trivia said...

following you with "google friend connect" and Bloglovin. I love the watches in the beadix store and the morning dew necklace. And twitter too ;)

nice blog anyway :)

Fashion Cents said...

unfortunately I don't keep accounts on all those sites, but that owl necklace is sweet!

jemina said...

How fabulous is this give away!!! love love love, xoxo

S_S said...

Love love love this giveaway and blog! loving all your outfits! I am following you on twitter, facebook, blogloving, and formspring!

Hope you have a fab holiday!


wobblinbetty said...

Hi sweetie!
follwing you on FB!

come and check giveaway on my blog!
Wish you a lovely friday!


cathy. said...

I followed twitter and bloglovin and liked fb. :)

I love the Timeless Memories Necklace on Beadix and Lil Gold Rush Ring from Dollybird Design is absolutely adorable.

Awesome giveaway!

xox cathy.

Anonymous said...

really great giveaway!!aw love, btw i'm already link you darling as : adeline rapon

Anonymous said...

ups i mean as : adele joanna. sorry for wrong type

Phoebe Rose said...

Beaaautiful ring!

Melissa said...

hello my lovely, fabulous giveaway!
I'm following:

and my favourite items from:
beadix- Old Movie Camera Necklace.
dollybird designs-Agate Geode Drusy Ring


Leather said...

great blog! so fresh

Giovanna ♥ said...

Great giveaway! I'm a follower!
Boho Market by Giovanna

beckyxoxo said...

Fanned the Facebook , following the bloglovin' . Love the You Hold the Key. Large Antique Style Key Necklace (Long) from Beadix and Golden Top Finger Ring from dollybirddesign :D

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Count me in! I'm following you already in twitter and bloglovin <3


PS: have loads of fun!!

hélène said...

i'm already a follower!!! So excited for this :)

MarchMusings said...

The owl pendant is too cute

MarchMusings said...

Following you now!

christen. said...

aw girl! this is too cute! love the owl necklace.
i'm following you now and i'm also a fan on facebook!

you should follow me too sassy sista! :D

xx, christen

Jasmine1485 said...

I'm following on Twitter (@NTFancy), and Blog Lovin'.

I'm a fan on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

My favourite piece from Beadix is the 'Ancient. Vintage Style Pocket Watch Necklace in Gunmetal Black.'

My favourite piece from Dollybird is the 'Tailfeather Pendant'

Kate1485 at

Lynzy said...

I am following you with:

Fan of your:

Favorite Item from beadix:
Single Rose Necklace

Favorite item from Dollybird:
Gold Rush Ring

I want to win :)

xo Lynzy

Linda said...

i follow on twitter @luvlybrunette77

lyromero77 at gmail dot com

Linda said...

i follow on bloglovin'

lyromero77 at yahoo dot com

fisiwoman said...

Following on twitter (@fisiwoman)
Following too on FB (Ana Belén R M)

From Beadix, I love French Love. Pocket Watch Necklace with Eiffel Tower and Je T'aime Charms.
From DOLLYBIRD DESIGNS, my favorite item is Woodland Ring- Fossil Wood

Ana Belén R.M

Almighty Efraty said...

Following on twitter,bloglovin',facebook.
My favourite items from the stores are:

Beadix: Kissing Birds. White Gold Plated Necklace.

Dollybird Designs: Dollybird Temple Ring- Blue Lapis

Tinny said...

following you from Bloglovin
Fan from chictopia
loving the pair of wings necklace from Beadix's shop :)

tee.i.n.k at gmail dot com

Sephira said...

Hi gorgeous! Have fun! I sure had fun in italy when I was there :>

anyway, im following you on
- twitter
- bloglovin'
- Googlefriend thing
- Facebook

My favorite items are
Lil Gold Rush Ring from Dollybird
Tree of Life from Beadix

xx Seph

Susan said...

Now following you on Facebook, Chictopia and Formspring.

LOVE love love the owl necklace (especially since I hate wearing watches--so neat to have a watch around your neck instead!)

xSusan @

shelby h.k. said...

already follow on google and facebook! sadly though i'm not into the other tech/site options. thanks for a great giveaway! xx

{ I V Y } said...

ok i follow you on bloglovin and am a fan on twitter!

this prize will be mine! haha